Options for Replacing Missing Teeth: Can You Have a Denture for One Tooth?

Options For Replacing Missing Teeth Benicia, CA

Dentures are one of the most popular and low-cost options for replacing missing teeth. There are two categories of dentures available, depending on the number of teeth that need replacement. Full dentures are used when an entire jaw line of teeth is in need of replacement, while partial dentures are used to replace fewer teeth and can be created to replace as few as even a single tooth.

How does a one-tooth denture work?

Just like any partial denture appliance, a single-tooth denture is a false tooth that is set on either metal and acrylic blend or solely acrylic base that is molded to fit around the jawline, filling the gap from the missing tooth. The acrylic is pink in color to mimic the appearance of gum appearance and will expand past the area of the missing tooth in order to hold the false tooth in place. Additional grooves and openings may be created in the pink acrylic to help attach the denture to adjacent natural teeth.

Why get a partial denture for just one tooth?

There are many options that may be appropriate solutions for replacing a single missing tooth. Dentures may be the chosen solution for multiple reasons:

Temporary need: a single-tooth temporary denture, called a flipper, may be recommended by a dentist to be worn while another option for tooth replacement is being created or a wound from surgery is in the process of healing. Flippers are not created for optimal comfort or sustainability but are instead used to temporarily aid with normal mouth usage in eating and speaking as well as for aesthetic reasons should the missing tooth be in a highly visible area. They may also be used to help cover areas healing after tooth removal or implant post-placement.

Health benefits: with a gap from even a single missing tooth left open, there are oral health problems that can arise. Adjacent teeth may shift, bacteria may become trapped between adjacent teeth, and jaw strength may deteriorate. While most options for replacing missing teeth can help prevent these issues, combined with other factors listed here, a single-tooth partial denture may be an optimal method to prevent these problems.   

Avoid more complex procedures: common options for replacing missing teeth include implants and bridges, especially when only one tooth needs replacement. While both provide benefits a denture does not, some people may choose a removable denture instead in order to avoid oral surgery or additional procedures.

Budget-friendly: dentures are a low-cost option for replacing missing teeth. With the cost increasing with each additional tooth needed for partial dentures, only needing a single-tooth piece keeps the cost as low as possible.

One-tooth is not as noticeable: a one-tooth partial denture is not as noticeable as a multi-tooth piece. While dentures often do not match the remaining natural teeth as closely as other options for replacing missing teeth, the appearance of one tooth may be an easy sacrifice if there are other concerns to be considered.

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