How to Extend the Life of Your Partial Dentures

Dentures And Partial Dentures Benicia, CA

Partial dentures can be helpful if you have lost multiple teeth. This appliance can restore your self-image and eliminate the embarrassment of having gaps in your mouth. There are also health benefits, as you can once again enjoy eating favorite foods. These dentures can hold up well to wear and tear. Still, you will eventually have to fix or replace this apparatus. But you can increase the longevity of your dentures and enjoy them longer.

Why partial dentures are a good choice for replacing teeth

There are various choices that a person can consider replacing one or more missing teeth. When the individual has some natural teeth remaining but has lost several others, a partial set of dentures makes sense. This appliance can help the person to chew well and provides a natural look. These dentures also come in a removable style what allows the individual to take them out for regular cleaning and care.

Take them out overnight

There are permanent partial dentures available. These secure firmly to dental implants and can only be removed by the dentist. A traditional pair rests on the gums, allowing the person to take them out. It is good to do this before retiring to bed for the night. Before going to sleep, the person should place them in a cleaning solution to soak until morning. This cleans them thoroughly, can prevent them from smelling poorly, and keeps them from drying out.

Rinse them frequently

Before going to sleep is not the only wise time to take out the partial dentures. Removing them after eating can also keep them clean and help them to look nice and work effectively for longer. Rinsing the appliance will dislodge food particles. This will prevent the buildup of bacteria as well.

Maintain good oral hygiene

People who wear partial dentures must keep up with good dental habits. This includes a commitment to brushing and flossing any natural teeth that are left in the mouth. Failing to do this can cause tooth decay, gum disease, or infections. Eventually, this could lead to bone loss and altering the shape of the person’s face. If this happens, the dentures may no longer fit properly. Brushing twice a day and daily flossing will help to prevent these concerns.

Be careful with certain foods

Some foods are enemies to partial dentures. Sugary foods can leave acids on the base and artificial teeth, causing discoloration and deterioration. Other foods can cause damage to the appliance. Cracked bases and broken teeth are common when the person eats hard, chewy, or sticky foods. Some beverages can stain the dentures. These include soda, coffee, and wine.

Get the most out of your dentures

When you invest in a set of partial dentures, you want them to restore your smile and oral health for many years. These dentures can help you achieve your goals, especially when you do your part to take care of them. These steps will improve their effectiveness. You can also expect improved longevity from them.

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