How to Avoid Demineralization While Using Clear Braces

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You have likely heard a lot about clear braces and clear aligners. These treatments are a viable alternative to wearing traditional metal braces, which stand out and can cause irritation. While aligners are effective, there are possible challenges to your oral health to be aware of. Demineralization is one of the biggest concerns. Fortunately, there are things you can do to combat this condition and its effects.

An understanding of demineralization

Demineralization can happen commonly to different bones in the body. It can also occur with teeth. This happens when food is left on the teeth and combines with bacteria to eat away at the enamel. This interaction creates acids that also leave white spots and can cause cavities. People of all ages can be prone to battling this condition. However, it frequently is a consequence of wearing clear braces.

Removing aligners during meals

Clear aligners are a mouthguard-like appliance similar to what a patient would wear for at-home teeth whitening. A big advantage of wearing these clear braces over metal ones is that the aligners are removable. Dentists encourage patients to take out the mouthguards at mealtime. This helps to prevent food from getting trapped under the appliance and lodged in between teeth. Unlike ordinary braces, aligners do not have to be in the person’s mouth 24 hours a day anyway. Occasional removal is a smart way to avoid demineralization.

Frequent rinsing of clear braces

Because aligners are removable, it is a wise idea to rinse them thoroughly a few times a day. This is especially important to do first thing in the morning or if the person forgets to take them out while eating. Rinsing the mouthpiece with warm water for about a minute will dislodge food particles and get them off teeth when the aligners are returned to the mouth.

Brushing the aligners

Like taking care of teeth, patients should also brush clear braces twice a day. This can occur before bedtime and in the morning. Using a fluoride-based toothpaste and a soft-bristled brush is most effective. Getting into the habit of doing this regularly will keep the aligners clean and in good condition.

Keep up good oral hygiene

Of course, wearing clear braces is no substitute for vigilant brushing and flossing. These two activities are sound ways of preventing demineralization. The more regularly a person does these tasks, the less likely tooth decay will be. Instead, the patient can enjoy healthy, strong teeth and gums.

A comprehensive approach

The goal of wearing clear braces is to straighten teeth and correct bite dysfunctions. At the same time, you may be at risk of developing tooth decay. You can overcome these tendencies by following these guidelines. Keeping your clear aligners in good shape and cleaning them often will help you make sure food does not stay on your teeth. You should also commit to following good oral health habits. If you have any questions or concerns about these issues, contact your dentist today and make an appointment at the office.

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