Four Signs You Need to Replace Your Dental Crown

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You may need to have your dental crown replaced if there are noticeable signs of damage to the dental crown, if the dental crown is not aesthetically pleasing, you experience pain inside your tooth, or you begin to have issues with periodontal health. The dentist will check for all these signs and more during regularly scheduled check-up visits. 

When to see a dentist for a dental crown replacement

Dental crowns can last between five and ten years depending on the type of dental crown. If crowns are older than ten years old, then you may need to replace them regardless of their overall condition to prevent issues in the future. However, the following signs also indicate a need to replace your dental crown. 

There are noticeable signs of crown damage

Of course, if there are any signs that the dental crown is damaged, then it is important to schedule a visit to the dentist to have it examined and see if replacement is necessary. Dental crowns can damage earlier than expected as a result of irregular oral care, biting down on hard foods and ice, and a blow to the face, among other possible causes of dental crown damage. The dentist may be able to address issues of damage without replacing the entire crown. However, in any case, having the crown examined after the damage is important. 

The dental crown is not aesthetically pleasing

Damage to the crown is likely to cause an aesthetic concern, especially if the crown is visible while smiling. However, aesthetic concerns can develop without damage as well. For example, a dental crown may become stained over time as a result of certain foods and beverages. When this occurs, the patient may elect to have the crown replaced for cosmetic reasons. 

You experience tooth pain

The purpose of dental crowns is to protect damaged or weakened teeth from additional harm. Subsequently, when a crown is properly applied and in good condition, the patient should not experience any tooth sensitivity or pain. If sensitivity or pain develops, then it could be a sign that the crown is not applied properly, has become loose, is damaged, or is simply too old, in which case dental crown replacement may be necessary. 

There are issues with periodontal health

Bacteria and food particles can accumulate along the line where the crown meets the gums. When this occurs, it can slowly damage the gums over time and cause issues such as gum recession. If gum recession or other signs of periodontal disease develop, then crown replacement may be necessary to prevent additional harm to the gums and underlying jawbone. 

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