Family Dentist in Benicia: The Advantages of a Family Provider

Family DentistHaving a family dentist provides you with several important advantages. The most important from a holistic standpoint is the fact that families near Benicia who visit a family dentist regularly have a much better level of oral health and healthier teeth overall. When you make it a habit as a family to visit your family dentist, a natural occurrence is to hold each other more accountable when cleaning or performing oral hygiene at home.

Trust and Confidence in Your Family Dentist

Additionally, families who come in once every six months find that their teeth are naturally in better condition. This is because a bi-annual visit allows us to do two things. First, it allows us to clean the teeth, removing excess plaque that builds up in hard-to-reach places. This, in turn, works to eliminate some of the causes of decay and cavities. The second thing we do is to examine the mouth thoroughly, allowing us to identify budding problems in their infancy. The sooner we catch dental issues, the easier they are to treat and eliminate.

As a family dentist, one of the most powerful motivators to be a family dentist is the level of trust and confidence we can build in our patients' families. When the family trusts their services provider as a family friend and often, a confidant, it is much easier to get over conditions like dental anxiety. Dental anxiety is a very real fear of dentists and dental procedures.

Having built up confidence, the patient already knows the dentist and is familiar with the office. When visiting for regular cleanings, the patient and family members are also familiar with the equipment and the dentist. All of these steps work in the patient's favor to make the experience far less stressful. These steps also work in our favor because we can focus all of our attention on providing the best medical care possible.

Advantages to Visiting a Family Dentist

While dental anxiety is understandable, we can help patients cope with the anxiety by providing a comfortable and familiar atmosphere for treatment. By being familiar with a family dentist, patients will have less difficulty dealing with any anxiety. There are a variety of advantages to visiting a family dentist that patients will not get elsewhere.

For busy families, another advantage to having a family dentist is the ability to schedule appointments together and in relation to each other. This allows you to come in less often than you would have to if each member had their own dentist. When juggling school schedules and work, among other things, it is important to have a seamlessness in scheduling your appointments. Thus, when the family comes in, we can get the maximum achieved in the shortest possible time span. One way we are able to do this as a family dentist is to have all the basic family dentistry services available to you under one roof.

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