4 Tips to Help Choose the Right Smile Makeover Treatment

Smile Makeover Benicia, CA

Various treatments in a smile makeover can transform your appearance. Many treatments allow patients to gain optimal oral health. At the same time, patients gain aesthetic enhancement. It can be daunting at times to choose among the available smile makeover treatments. If you want to know how to select the right makeover treatment for your needs, here are some tips.

Find out the available choices for materials

The patient should ask the dentist about the available materials for each restoration. This is important in knowing how long the restoration lasts before it needs a replacement. There are pros and cons to each material choice. The dentist should elaborate on each type of material. That way, the patient has an idea of what to choose.

Know how long the treatment takes

Everyone has a schedule to keep. Knowing how long a smile makeover treatment will take can help the patient plan ahead. The patient should be diligent about the procedures available at the clinic. Reading the brochures is not enough.

The length of the smile makeover treatments should be one of the main topics of discussion. The dentist should explain each procedure. An example of such extensive treatments is dental implant surgery. Extra treatments will lengthen the period of treatment even more. Such treatments are bone grafting and sinus lifting.

Shorter treatments are teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and dental crowns. If it is not a dire need to go through implant surgery, these quicker smile makeover treatments can help. Teeth whitening treatments last for about one to two hours per clinic visit. Traditional veneers and crowns take one to two weeks. Yet, 3D design and printing have turned the process of making these restorations into a day.

Learn how to care for restorations

The patient should know how to care for the smile makeover restoration. Dental bonding stains, so patients should avoid staining foods and beverages. Dentures need cleaning and overnight soaking. Patients should not wear dentures while sleeping. Gums should have a rest from the pressures of the dentures. This also prevents sore spots.

Porcelain crowns and veneers do not stain. Yet, patients who have them should not bite on hard foods. Ice, hard nuts, and hard candies should not be in the diet anymore. Even if these smile makeover restorations are durable, they have a high risk of breaking. Patients should also avoid chewy foods. These could pull out crowns and veneers.

Differences between permanent and temporary smile makeover procedures

The dentist should explain each smile makeover treatment well enough. That way, the patient could know which is temporary and which is permanent. This is vital because the patient must have the commitment to care for the restoration if it is permanent. The patient must be ready if the procedure is permanent, like dental implants, implant-supported dentures, dental crowns, and veneers. Temporary smile makeover procedures may last for a while, like teeth whitening or dental bonding.

Choose the right smile makeover treatment

Knowing everything about the smile makeover procedure can bring more convenience. The dentist should discuss everything with the patient during the consultation. In turn, you must research more about the procedures. More knowledge can arm you in making your final choice.

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