3 Types of Dental Restoration

Dental Restorations Benicia, CA

There are various dental restoration options for anyone living with noticeable and distracting dental problems. No longer do people have to live the rest of their lives being dissatisfied with how their teeth look when they smile. No oral health problem is too severe to be fixed with modern dental restorations. From broken teeth to a misaligned bite, there is a solution for every issue.

Popular tooth restoration options

There are several restorative options for people with damaged teeth. Let us take a look at popular restorations and how they are used to resolve common dental problems.

1. Dental crowns

Also known as caps, dental crowns are used to protect badly damaged teeth. A crown restores the appearance of the tooth that it goes over, and it helps restore the tooth’s function. Crowns are often used after root canal treatments are performed on teeth, and they can be used in conjunction with other dental prosthetics, like bridges and implants.

Crowns can also be used to restore teeth that have been severely damaged by trauma. The crown helps keep what is left of the tooth intact.

Dental crowns are typically crafted using ceramics and porcelain, but metals like gold and silver can also be used to make them. Crowns are customized for each patient, and they are made from an impression or 3D model of a patient’s teeth. The process typically requires two trips to the dentist, and it takes around two weeks for the customized crown to be ready.

2. Dental bridges

A dental bridge is a dental restoration that is used to replace one or more missing teeth next to each other. A bridge consists of two parts: crowns that are placed on the two natural teeth closest to the gap and artificial teeth that are held in place by the crowns. The anchor teeth are called abutments, while the artificial teeth are known as pontics. A dental bridge is one of the more affordable restorative dental options when it comes to replacing multiple teeth.

3. Dental implants

Dental implants are highly recommended by oral professionals when it comes to replacing missing teeth. These oral prosthetics imitate the natural function of teeth and their roots. It is a property that is unique to implants, since no other restorations currently used in dentistry do this.

It is an important detail because a missing tooth and its root will often lead to jawbone tissue deterioration. This is caused by the area of the jaw that the tooth’s root was anchored to no longer getting the stimulation that it needs. Implants transfer bite forces to the jaw whenever the wearer bites down on the jaw, giving the tissues there the stimulation that they need to remain healthy. Implants do not require any specialized care, making them the most convenient option when it comes to replacing missing teeth.

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